This is a list of plants giving an english name, the latin name, family and 'type'. Currently comprising some 3,400 algae, lichens, bryophytes and higher plants.

The 'type' comprises: tree, shrub, grass, sedge, moss, liverwort, algae (red, green or brown) etc. These components can be searched for in this list and in the plant associations below. 

The latin names of plants tends to change continuosly. Hopefully there are sufficient points of reference given to allow you to track down the plant you are after.

Originally this listed all the plants mentioned in the SSSI citations, however this list missed out a lot of 'commoner' species. A way to bring these in was by using the NVC lists and linking them to habitats. So by more or less identifying a habitat, it should be possible to produce a list of things that might be found there, making your day more productive and enjoyable.