This list brings together the habitats, national vegetation classification (NVC) plant associations and the plant list. It allows you to produce a list of plants corresponding to your search criteria. Search this list as follows:

1. search for 'habitat' or NVC code or NVC plant association name using one of the three drop down boxes;

2. for general searches use the lower right hand search box for the word of interest i.e.: plant type, habitat, plant name, family etc.

Clear the filter before making a search. 

Use the search box in the top right of the page to search the site citations, currently some 500, for search term i.e.: fritillary or heath or whatever you are looking for....

Don't forget that if you highlight a word or two then right click, you can use it to search the web. For example to remind yourself what a plant looks like.

Britain's Habitats. A guide to the wildlife habitats of Britain and Ireland. Lake, Liley, Still and Swash. WildGuides 2015.

National Vegetation Classification. JNCC 2018.

The NVC divides communities broadly acccording to habitat, using a letter shorthand to indicate the general habitat type:

A = water, CG = calcareous grassland, H = heath, M = mire, MC = maritime cliff, MG = mesotrophic grassland (moderately fertile soil), OV = open vegetation, S = swamp, SD = sand dune, SM = salt marsh, U = upland and W = wood.

There are 286 communities that are listed here. Sub-communities have not been included.