Area: 8.5 hectares, 21.1 acres.

Other Information:

Part in County Structure Plan Nature Conservation Zone, part in Area of Great Landscape Value. Boundary amended by extension and deletion. The northern section of this site, Langstone Rock, was previously part of the Exe Estuary SSSI.

Description and Reasons for Notification:

Dawlish Cliffs shows one of the finest continuous exposures of interbedded Aeolian sands (Dawlish Sands) and water-laid, breccia-filled, fluvial channels of Permian age in the country. At the northern end of the section, Langstone Rock is the type section of the Langstone Breccias, a coarser sedimentary development within the main body of the Dawlish Sands.

The coastal cliff section at Corytons Cove shows a major aeolian sandstone unit of Permian age some twenty metres thick. The junction of the underlying Coryton and Teignmouth fluvial breccias is also seen. The Teignmouth breccias include flat-bedded and normally graded deposits produced by sheet floods and also matrix-supported debris flows. They form a coarse and very thick basal unit of the local Permian succession.