Area: 4.1 hectares.

Description and Reasons for Notification: 

Fremington Claypit is one of the most important Pleistocene sites in south-west England. It provides sections in a series of deposits which demonstrates the only indisputable evidence that glacier ice reached the peninsula, probably during the Wolstonian stage. The deposits comprise a series of glacial till units which contain erratics and a fossil microfauna indicating derivation at least in part from the Irish Sea basin. The sedimentology of the deposits has significant research potential for elucidating the deposition conditions. The till deposits overlie gravels of disputed origin, which adds to the scientific interest of the site. The deposits at Fremington Claypit complement the interest at Croyde, Saunton and Westward Ho!, making the Barnstaple Bay area a prime locality for Quaternary studies in south-west England.