Area: 0.2 hectares.


The site lies within the Dartmoor National Park. 

Two Bridges Quarry is one of the most important geomorphological sites in South West England, particularly noted for its association with D. L. Linton and his classic theory of tor formation. The site shows heavily decomposed granite; juxtaposed with a mass of relatively more sound bedrock and was used as a field model by Linton to illustrate the first stage of tor formation by differential weathering. Although Linton’s theory has been variously challenged or modified, the classic nature of Two Bridge Quarry and its historical significance in the development of ideas on tor genesis in Britain are attested by numerous references to the site in the geomorphological literature. Following Linton’s original work, the site has been investigated as part of several studies on the relative roles played by pneumatoloysis (alteration by mineralising fluids from deep within the Earth) and sub-surface weathering in the decomposition of granite in South West England.