Area: 8.2 hectares.

Owned by the Cornwall Trust for Nature Conservation. 

Description and Reasons for Notification:

Ventongimps Moor is situated in a valley basin about 3km south-east of Perranporth. The moor has developed on black alluvial peat and impervious white clay which blankets the underlying Devonian strata. 

The site is mainly composed of wet dwarf shrub heath with areas of bog and a fringe of willow-alder carr. Other habitats present here include small areas of mixed deciduous woodland, marsh and open water. 

The moor is of particular importance for its flora and there are two Red Data Book species present – Dorset heath Erica ciliaris and eyebright Euphrasia virgursii. Other species include the hybrid heath Erica x watsonii, wavy-leaved St John's wort Hypericum undulatum, Cornish moneywort Sibthorpia europaea, yellow bartsia Parentucellia viscosa, yellow centaury Cicendia filiformis, hay-scented buckler fernDryopteria aemula and great sundew Drosera anglica – last recorded here in 1975. 

Ventongimps Moor is one of the best Odonata sites in Cornwall, supporting 13 species, including the nationally rare scarce blue-tailed damselfly Ischnura pumilio. Some 99 species of Lepidoptera have been recorded with the narrow-bordered bee hawk moth Hemaris tityus, being of particular note. 

Ventongimps Moor is a Nature Reserve owned and managed by the Cornwall Trust for Nature Conservation. Their management programme includes periodic burning, partial removal of scrub, and the maintenance of open water habitats.