Area: 8.83 hectares.

This is a Geological Conservation Review site.
The site lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Description and Reasons for Notification:

Boscawen is a nationally important site for Quaternary geomorphology and Quaternary stratigraphy. Coastal exposures at the site show a sequence of granitic shore platform overlain in turn by raised beach deposits and head deposits. The site demonstrates the facies variations within both the raised beach and head deposits and the stratigraphic relationships which exist between the two. The incised and fragmented granitic shore platform is immediately overlain by a raised beach comprised of boulders derived from the granite bedrock. In places, this shore platform is backed against fossil cliff notches and the upper raised beach deposits contain a higher percentage of erratic pebbles such as greenstones and cherts. The head deposits overlying the raised beach deposits display a remarkable facies variation, with both coarse-and fine-grained units. The raised beach deposits to the west of the site consist of a finer-grained material than those in the east of the site and contain higher proportions of erratic pebbles. These differences suggest there were important local variations in wave energy and current direction during deposition.