Area: 33.4 hectares. 

Other Information:

Partly in North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

Statement of Interest:

Westward Ho! is an important locality illustrating several key features of the coastal geomorphology and Quaternary deposits of SW England, including multiple shore platforms and a classic succession of raised beaches and head deposits. It is particularly noted for the association of these features with an intertidal peat bed of Flandrian age resting on soliflucted and cryoturbated beach deposits. Together these features provide an exceptional record of former changes in sea-level and climatic conditions. As elsewhere in SW England, there are diverging interpretations of the chronology of the pre-Flandrian landforms and deposits which has stimulated much scientific interest and debate. The features at Westward Ho! complement the interest at Fremington, Croyde and Saunton, making the Barnstaple Bay area one of the prime localities for Quaternary studies in southwest England.