Area: 1.1 hectares.

Listed in Geological Conservation Review. A new site. 

Description and Reasons for Notification: 

Wheal Alfred is located 1 mile east of Hayle in West Cornwall. Although a major copper producer, lead ores were also mined here for a time. The dumps cover a considerable area, but one very large dump north of Lower Treglisson has yielded most of the important mineral specimens. This dump is famous for exceptional specimens of pyromorphite of an unusual earthy colour. Mimetite is closely associated with the pyromorphite and specimens of mimetite in the British Museum are encrusted with pale green fibres of agardite, a rare-earth copper arsenate mineral similar to mixite in structure, and unknown outside Cornwall. The eastern part of the mine contains cobalt and nickel minerals in north-south structures. Annabergite, erythrite and bieberite have been recorded, but it is not known if these were found on dumps. The mine dumps yield material pertinent to the study of two isomorphous mineral series – pyromorphite-mimetite-vanadinite and mixite-agardite.