Area: 8.4 hectares.

Description and Reasons for Notification: 

This site comprises a small area of heathland situated between the rivers Frome and Piddle on acidic Bagshot Sands and Plateau Gravels. A remnant of the once extensive heath in this area, the site is important for the rare and protected sand lizard Lacerta agilis

The heathland is mostly dry in character, dominated by heather Calluna vulgaris with bell heather Erica cinerea, dwarf gorse Ulex minor, bristle bent Agrostis curtisii and the lichens Cladonia portentosa and C. uncialis. Bracken Pteridium aquilinum is locally abundant. The wetter heathland types are also represented and cross-leaved heath Erica tetralix, purple moor- grass Molinia caerulea, deer grass Trichophorum cespitosum, round-leaved sundew Drosera rotundifolia and the local Royal fern Osmunda regalis occur here. 

Scrub has developed on parts of the site with hawthorn Crataegus monogyna to the south and common gorse Ulex europaeus to the north-west. Scots pine Pinus sylvestris also occurs locally. 

The site supports a dense breeding population of sand lizards, a species whose remaining British populations are now mostly restricted to the Dorset heathlands. The dry south-facing slopes of Worgret Heath provide a particularly favourable habitat for this lizard. Local heathland invertebrate species found on the site include silver-studded blue butterfly Plebejus argus and bog bush-cricket Metrioptera brachyptera

Site Notified to Secretary of State on 18 November 1987