General site character

Inland water bodies (Standing water, Running water) (5%)

Dry grassland, steppes (50%)

Broad-leaved deciduous woodland (35%)

Other land (including Towns, Villages, Roads, Waste places, Mines, Industrial sites) (10%)

The species that is the primary reason for selection of this site is the great crested newt  Triturus cristatus.

Crookhill Brickpit is a disused brickpit which has important geological features (exposure of Lower and Middle Oxford Clay). The site contains several ponds that support great crested newts Triturus cristatus, including one pond which has been recorded to have one of the highest counts of the species in Dorset. The site also contains a variety of habitats used by the great crested newt in the terrestrial phase, including grassland, scrub and quarry spoil. The newer ponds were created as part of a mitigation project for the construction of a waste transfer station.

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