General characteristics

Inland water bodies (Standing water, Running water) (2%)

Bogs, Marshes, Water fringed vegetation, Fens (2%)

Heath, Scrub, Maquis and Garrigue, Phygrana (17%)

Dry grassland, Steppes (9%)

Broad-leaved deciduous woodland (67%)

Coniferous woodland (3%)

Habitats that are a primary reason for selection of this site

Old sessile oak woods with Ilex and Blechnum in the British Isles

This complex is the most southerly of the sites selected and is representative of old sessile oak woods in southwest England, with regionally important assemblages of lower plants and dry Lobarion communities that are unique in Western Europe. The woods are notable for the variations in stand type that reflect past management (old coppice and high forest) and also include grazed and ungrazed areas. The woodland is part of a complex mosaic that includes heathland and species associated with open ground, such as the high brown fritillary Argynnis adippe and pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly Boloria euphrosyne. Variations also arise due to geology, resulting in the presence of small-leaved lime Tilia cordata, ash Fraxinus excelsior, wild service tree Sorbus torminalis, and small areas of wet woodland dominated by alder Alnus glutinosa and willow Salix spp.

Habitats present as a qualifying feature, but not a primary reason for selection of this site

European dry heaths

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