General characteristics

Marine areas, Sea inlets (100%)

Habitats that are a primary reason for selection of this site


Numerous areas of reef (in many forms) exist within the Prawle Point to East Rutts and Bigbury Bay to Plymouth Sound reefs The site comprises coastal reef features associated with the extension of the exposed terrestrial geology out into the sublittoral zone and large areas of outcropping bedrock, boulders and cobbles in the offshore extents of the area. The reefs between Prawle Point and Salcombe appear similar in nature to that to the west of Salcombe (i.e., one of high topographic complexity). This large reef habitat comprises outcropping bedrock characterised by boulders and rocky gullies, fissures and crevices in the west of the area from Salcombe around the coast to Prawle Point. The inshore reefs here support large kelp forests and a variety of other algal species

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