Area: 0.6 hectares.

Other Information:
The site lies within Dartmoor National Park and within the Dartmoor Nature Conservation Zone of the County Structure Plan.

Description and Reasons for Notification:

The site comprises several rows of mature trees, in an open locality at 240 metres altitude on the edge of the Dartmoor Plateau. The trees support an outstanding lichen flora, including several rare and uncommon species that are seldom found outside ancient woodland.

Over 65 species of lichen have been recorded on the 180 year old ash Fraxinus excelsior and beech Fagus sylvatica growing alongside the roads within the site. The abundance of Lobaria pulmonaria is particularly exceptional, since this is a lichen that very seldom occurs in such an open situation, and also one that is nationally uncommon. This species, and also Peltigera horizontalis and the local Nephroma laevigata and Sticta sylvatica which occur here as well, are typically found only within areas that have been continuously wooded for many centuries. Their presence at Buckland-in-the-Moor is therefore indicative of the former extensive forest cover on Dartmoor, and also, and importantly so, shows that old forest communities can survive in open situations and that they can transfer from tree to nearby tree over the course of time. Buckland-in-the-Moor is also the only site on Dartmoor for the nationally rare Teloschistes flavicans